Why Combining Surgeries Can Actually Enhance Your Results

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A mommy makeover is a combination of body contouring and breast enhancement procedures that can change your look from head to toe. Many women turn to the procedure as a way to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies. However, our prospective mommy makeover patients from Orlando and St. Cloud often ask a common question: Is it safe to combine different plastic surgery procedures? 

As a responsible practice, we take this question seriously as we want you to know that your safety is our top priority. In this blog post, we will explain why combining surgeries is not only safe but can actually enhance your final results. 

Benefits of Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures

Mommy makeover surgery is a prime example of patients combining procedures for better overall results. There are many potential benefits when it comes to this approach to plastic surgery.

A few reasons you may want to undergo multiple procedures at once include:

  • More Dramatic Results: If you only fix one problem area with a single procedure, you may still feel distracted by other parts of your body that aren’t as newly refined. By pairing different surgeries together (such as breast augmentation with a tummy tuck), each area will complement one another and give you more dramatic changes and results overall. 
  • Cost Savings: There are certain fees that patients pay every time they undergo surgery. Some of these charges include surgeon’s fees, operating room fees, and anesthesiology fees. By combining procedures, you only need to pay these fees once, saving a significant amount of money in the process.
  • Recovery Time: Recovery after surgery can be an uncomfortable and emotional experience. It often requires enlisting help from friends and family and using PTO to take time off from work. It’s tolerable, but many patients appreciate the idea of only going through a single recovery period. This is a faster approach than spreading treatments out over time and healing from each of them individually.
  • Fewer Doctor Appointments: Each plastic surgery procedure requires initial consultations and post-op check-ups. When there’s only a single operation, the number of doctor visits is far fewer and you can spend less time traveling and sitting in a waiting room.

If you’re considering combining procedures with a surgery like a mommy makeover, know there is nothing to fear. In the end, this approach can save you money and time while giving you the results you’ve always dreamed of. 

Mommy makeover patients come to our Melbourne, FL, practice from Orlando, St. Cloud, and beyond for cosmetic plastic surgery. If you’re considering a mommy makeover or another procedure and want to learn more about your options, please request a consultation online or call (321) 951-2639 to schedule an appointment.

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