How To Find the Best Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

Woman and doctor (models) meet in an office for a breast implant consultation. The woman is reaching out to feel one of the available implants.

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed each year. But, with so many surgeons offering it, how will you know who to choose? In this blog post, we will cover how to find the best plastic surgeon for breast augmentation so you can make the right decision for you.

Step 1: Look for Proven Credentials and Expertise

Experience and expertise are two factors that should always be at the heart of your search. Start by looking at your breast augmentation doctor’s professional credentials, particularly regarding board certification and society memberships.

While many professional bodies may have similar, official-sounding names, the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) carries the greatest weight. The ABPS upholds stringent standards for safety, professionalism, and excellence and is the only plastic surgery board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

Lastly, find out whether the plastic surgeon specializes in breast procedures or if they are more of a generalist. You can ask the surgeon during your consultation how frequently they perform breast augmentation surgery. Check out their patient gallery to see if there are a robust number of real-patient examples—which leads us to our next point.

Step 2: Review Before and After Photos

Before and after breast augmentation photos are an excellent resource in your search. Not only do they help you see what types of results the surgeon can achieve, but you may also find some reference images to bring in for your consultation!

We recommend looking for cases that are similar to yours, such as patients with a similar build and body type, to see what outcomes you can expect with different implant sizes and materials.

Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 5 View #1 View in Melbourne, FL
Before & After Breast Augmentation
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 63 View #1 View in Melbourne, FL
Before & After Breast Augmentation
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 57 View #1 View in Melbourne, FL
Before & After Breast Augmentation
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 1 Front View in Melbourne, FL
Before & After Breast Augmentation

Step 3: Assess Reviews from Previous Patients

Now that you’ve seen how the patients look, it’s time to hear from them. Reading online reviews and patient testimonials is a great way to assess your surgeon’s broader reputation and skill.

In particular, we recommend looking for comments about the entire patient experience and the level of care they received at every point. Did they feel like they had enough information to make an informed decision? Were the staff courteous, the facilities clean and well-maintained, and the postoperative instructions clear and easy to follow?

Step 4: Schedule a Consultation

Next, it’s time to take those reviewer opinions on board and come to your own conclusions. Your consultation lets you see how well you get along with the surgeon and how you feel about the practice in real life.

Make sure to bring your questions and reference images with you. We also encourage you to keep an open mind if the surgeon recommends a different implant size or surgical technique than you anticipated. They will assess your unique anatomy and guide you to the most flattering shape and size.

If starting or growing a family is in your future, please communicate this with your surgeon so they can create a surgical plan that preserves your ability to breastfeed. Good breast augmentation doctors will consider this and other lifestyle factors, such as whether you are a runner, and work with you to achieve the best outcomes.

Step 5: Trust Your Instincts

Remember that you know best. If something doesn’t feel right or you’re uncomfortable during your consultation, it’s OK to seek another opinion.

Keep in mind that price isn’t the only cost to consider. Your comfort, safety, and well-being are more important than choosing someone based predominantly on price. Do your due diligence, listen to your gut, and choose your surgeon with confidence.

We would love to discuss how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals with breast augmentation. Please request a consultation or call us at (321) 951-2639 to get started. We hope to see you soon!

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