Asymmetrical Breasts Are Very Common—And Breast Augmentation Can Help

Doctor is showing breast implants to young woman in beauty treatment clinic

The human body is made up of many pairs: two eyes, two ears, two hands. Our brains are wired to think of symmetrical pairs as attractive and a sign of good overall health. Research also shows that facial symmetry is a hallmark of what people consider beautiful. This fact is no different when it comes to breasts, but unfortunately, few women are born with perfectly matching breasts.

The difference in size is often minimal, but some women may feel self-conscious about their appearance. Breast implants can help correct unwanted asymmetry—a fact that surprises many of our breast augmentation patients from Orlando, St. Cloud, and beyond.

Understanding Breast Variation

Breast asymmetry is a common issue that usually develops during puberty. Other periods of significant hormone fluctuations, such as during pregnancy and breastfeeding, can also create breast imbalances. For most women, the size difference is slight and can’t be easily seen when wearing a traditional bra. However, if you find your uneven breast size is noticeable and distracting, you may want to consider a surgical solution.

How Breast Implants Correct Asymmetry

Breast augmentation involves more than just inserting implants. A trusted, board-certified plastic surgeon can create beautiful results by carefully assessing the breasts’ shape and symmetry. 

For women with significant breast unevenness, we use implants of different sizes to correct the asymmetry. This gives an extra boost to the smaller breast and allows both to obtain a similar shape. If you have chosen to use silicone implants for your procedure, the specific sizes will need to be selected before the procedure. If you’re using saline implants that can be filled after being inserted, the size can be adjusted during the procedure.

Other Techniques for Beautiful Results

Breast augmentation is the most direct way to address breast asymmetry. The solution involves simply adding more volume to the smaller breast. However, in some cases, we can also fix this issue by removing a small amount of breast tissue from the larger breast. This is typically done during a breast lift or breast reduction procedure. 

Fat grafting is another tool we may use during your breast augmentation. This process involves removing a small amount of fat from another area of the body and injecting it into the smaller breast. This technique is best used for women who want subtle, natural-looking results. Your doctor will be able to guide you toward the best solution for your needs. 

Browse our before-and-after gallery to see examples of real breast augmentation results. If you’re in the Orlando or St. Cloud area and would like to correct uneven breasts, please request a consultation or call (321) 951-2639.

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