Breast Reconstruction: Working to Reconstruct the Soul

Michael Diaz, M.D.

Breast cancer is a disease that strikes at the very core of womanhood. The effects of losing one of the symbols of femininity are profound and serve as a daily reminder of one of the most painful and challenging experiences of a woman’s life. The breast cancer survivor not only loses her breast but is at risk of losing her sense of self and part of her soul. The successful treatment of this disease requires a team approach, which includes a general surgeon, medical oncologist, and a radiation oncologist who work to eradicate the disease and keep it at bay. It is at this point that Dr. Diaz’s work as the plastic and reconstructive surgeon begins to restore not only the physical void but the emotional ones as well.

“My goal is the turn the patient back to day zero, the day before she was diagnosed and her life changed forever.” By reconstructing the breast, not only are the visual cues of a breast reestablished…read more

Credit: Spacecoast Living

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