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Why Choose Dr. Diaz

If you're thinking about having plastic surgery, finding a surgeon who is the right one can set the course for your journey to self-enhancement. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Diaz strives to make your experience both positive and rewarding. He realizes that because there are so many plastic surgeons in the Orlando and Melbourne, Florida area, choosing one can be a complicated process.

While you are evaluating your choices, it's important to look for a surgeon who will support your aesthetic goals and priorities in a highly personalized approach. Dr. Diaz offers advanced cosmetic and medical spa procedures customized for each patient's unique, natural beauty. He understands that the way you feel about your appearance is closely integrated with your overall happiness and wellbeing. Recognizing that the doctor-patient relationship is perhaps at the heart of this important decision, he's taken the time to highlight some of the reasons why he stands out over all other practices.

To meet with Dr. Diaz in person, request a consultationrequest a consultation online or call his office in Melbourne, Florida at 321-237-2932321-237-2932.

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Adept Surgical Skills

When choosing a surgeon, qualifications matter. In addition to having a naturally meticulous eye for detail and an aesthetic appreciation for the human form, Dr. Diaz has achieved a variety of professional accomplishments. Some highlights include:

To continually advance his surgical skills and knowledge, Dr. Diaz regularly attends scientific conferences and seminars. With years of practicing in Florida, his reputation and surgical results have attracted patients from all over the Unites States, the Caribbean, and South America.

Transforming Lives with a Holistic Approach

Dr. Diaz understands that true happiness and self-satisfaction are derived from a variety of sources, both physical and psychological. Instead of simply focusing on plastic surgery, he takes the time to get to know each patient as a whole person in order to understand their true motivations for considering plastic surgery. Dr. Diaz's warm and engaging personality makes it easy for patients to open up and share their desires and motivations. This open dialogue fosters a highly customized procedure approach and personalized level of care. When chosen for the right reasons, plastic surgery can not only improve your appearance, it can enhance your outlook and self-esteem, and inspire you to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Through a holistic treatment approach that begins before surgery and continues afterwards, Dr. Diaz is dedicated in helping his patients achieve complete wellbeing. In addition to providing beautiful and natural-looking results, he also provides lifestyle management that includes coaching in diet, exercise, and minimizing UV exposure.

Genuine Care & Compassion

Dr. Diaz's open, caring personality and genuine compassion show in his relationship with each of his patients. A reassuring phone call the night before your surgery. A visit to your home afterwards to see how you're doing. And other little personal touches along the way. These are all caring gestures you'd appreciate from a close friend or family member, but your plastic surgeon? Definitely. Dr. Diaz does all of these things because he truly cares about his patients.

He confirms that you have arranged for help after your procedure if necessary, and personally contacts your caregiver to brief them in their role. When other surgeons are involved Dr. Diaz takes the lead role in order to ensure the highest level of care. This personal, genuine attention often brings about enduring doctor-patient relationships that frequently continue well beyond post- operative care.

Beautiful Breasts & Body through Specialization

With repetition comes skill, which is why it makes sense to choose a specialist. By focusing his practice on the breasts and body, Dr. Diaz has become especially skilled and experienced in the cosmetic and reconstructive procedures he performs. His refined surgical skills enable him to perform complicated procedures that combine breast enhancement, tummy tuck, and body contouring in one surgery requiring one recovery period. Dr. Diaz welcomes the challenging cases that other surgeons turn away.

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