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BOTOX® Cosmetic and XEOMIN®

Those lines and creases can give away your age, even though you're not about to slow down. There's no reason to accept an older appearance — instead, visit Dr. Michael Diaz for a simple, effective treatment with BOTOX Cosmetic or XEOMIN injections. His Melbourne, Florida, patients enjoy these temporary alternatives to facial surgery because the results are so noticeable and the downtime is minimal. Each treatment is performed with personalized care to ensure you look more refreshed, yet natural.

Dr. Diaz approaches every aesthetic enhancement with compassion and care, revealing your unique beauty. To find out how BOTOX and XEOMIN treatments can improve your appearance, request a consultationrequest a consultation online or call our office in Melbourne, Florida at 321-237-2932321-237-2932.

A Younger-Looking You

Life can be more satisfying when you feel confident about the way you look. Women and men visit us in Melbourne for BOTOX and XEOMIN to gain a variety of facial improvements without surgery, including:

Many people are curious about the difference between BOTOX Cosmetic and XEOMIN. Although both of these products use the same active ingredient — botulinum toxin type A — they are slightly different. BOTOX Cosmetic contains an additional protein that XEOMIN doesn't, which is why some people call XEOMIN a "naked" botulinum toxin. This means that certain patients are less likely to develop antibodies in response to the product, possibly making it a bit more effective for those people in the long run. However, when it comes to the patient experience, the products are quite similar. Dr. Diaz will help you understand which product may be better for you depending on your particular concerns and physiology.

How They Work

BOTOX Cosmetic and XEOMIN soften "dynamic" wrinkles by addressing their source – facial muscle contractions. When injected into specific points of targeted facial muscles, BOTOX and XEOMIN can temporarily suspend their movement. Within just a few days, the muscles begin to relax and wrinkles gradually soften for up to 2 weeks. Your smooth look will last about 3 to 6 months before a follow-up treatment is necessary.

What to Expect

Our patients love BOTOX Cosmetic and XEOMIN treatments because they're quick, practically pain-free, and no one has to know. We use a short, fine needle to make injections in precise points near the unwanted creases and wrinkles. While it's important to avoid rubbing the treated areas that day, you won't need to follow any other restrictions. You can return to your daily routine and look forward to the return of a more refreshed appearance.

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