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Body Contouring

Getting the most out of life is easier when you can do it in comfort and with confidence. Whether your shape needs just a little refinement through liposuction or more significant improvement from a body lift, cosmetic surgery can accomplish the look you often can't get on your own.

Your Options for a Beautiful Body

Each patient who visits Dr. Diaz in the Orlando area for body contouring has his or her own unique set of concerns. Dr. Diaz performs each of the following procedures, individually or in combination, to provide natural-looking results that are tailored to you:

A specialist in body contouring serving the Orlando area, Dr. Michael Diaz has years of experience performing complex combination procedures and revising body contouring results from other surgeons. He helps his patients improve their quality of life through a holistic approach to wellbeing aimed at both their appearance and lifestyle.

Dr. Diaz approaches aesthetic enhancement with compassion and care to reveal your unique natural beauty. To find out how body contouring surgery can improve your appearance, request a consultationrequest a consultation online or call our office in Melbourne, Florida at 321-237-2932321-237-2932.

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